Is ADHD Becoming Obsolete?

Lots of jobs already require people to balance two phones, a computer, a live conversation and three pads of data.

Will a student with the skill set needed for listening to a single conversation and thinking slowly and carefully do as well in these jobs as one who is used to playing with lots of windows open on a computer screen, listening in on several conversations at once or running a few different tasks at the same time?

ADHD students spend their lives doing that every day.  They’re fine in a fast-paced, unique environment.  It’s slowing down for a classroom where they run into problems.  But more and more, our world is changing in a way that accommodates their style.

Will the slower, more reflective thinkers who have usually done well in the classroom become the attention deficit students in the classroom of tomorrow?

And if so, what would that classroom look like?

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